White watch met a feathered friend of a graceful nature today!

The Fire Service was called at 10am today by an RSPCA inspector asking for assistance with a swan rescue.

The swan was stuck at the well-known Newmillerdam, in Sandle, Wakefield.

WYFRS Technical Rescue Officer Ian Stead attended the scene initially, and requested one fire engine (not on blue lights) from Ossett Fire Station to assist.

A crowd of around 20 people gathered to watch the events unfold.

The swan was stuck on a flat ledge two foot down from the from the dam and was very tired.

If the swan had moved downwards it would have ended up in a river underneath the road – a culvert from where it would have had to be rescued.

The swan did not have the room to take flight from the ledge as it would need a run up for this.

The RSPCA inspector briefed the firefighters on how to handle a swan.

A firefighter in water rescue gear and attached to a line went out and lifted to the swan to freedom .

The swan swam away happily and the crowd cheered!

Firefighter Tony Campbell (in pictures) , from Ossett Fire Station, who carried out the rescue, said: “ The swan was running away from me but eventually I managed get a grip of it and return it to the dam. Around 20 people watching gave a round of applause so I responded with a celebratory cheer!

“It was an  unusual rescue, I have never rescued a swan before but I’m happy it ended well and the swan was uninjured.”

He joked: “I’m awaiting a telegram from the Queen now as all swans belong to her!”

Crew Commander Gary Hale assisted in the rescue by managing the line.