Road Safety Week warning from Bradford firefighters

Bradford firefighters are hoping to leave a lasting impression on young drivers as part of Road Safety Week (23-29 November 2015).

A hard-hitting event will take place at Dixon’s City Academy in Bradford on Tuesday, 24 November, in which students will hear about the shocking consequences of being involved in a road traffic collision. A firefighter, police officer, paramedic and a young man who was left with life-changing injuries will all talk about their experiences in graphic detail, in a bid to connect with the sixth form students and encourage safe driving.

Last year, Bradford firefighters were called to 125 collisions, in which five people died and 140 people were injured.

Group Manager Martin Speed, Bradford District Commander, said: “Each road traffic collision has a profound and lasting effect on every single person involved – be it the occupants of the vehicle or the emergency crews who attend. Some are lucky enough to escape with cuts and bruises, but many are not so fortunate and are left with life-changing injuries or even death.

“Our firefighters currently rescue more people from road traffic collisions than fires and, for this reason, road safety must be one of our highest priorities. We sincerely hope the sessions our prevention staff and fire crews run to educate young people, who are just embarking on their motoring journey, will have a positive effect on their future driving experiences.”

This year, Brake is also appealing for people to ditch the car, drive less and live more. Campaigners reveal that two thirds of trips are now made by car – 40 per cent of which are trips of less than two miles. The charity has produced an open-access ‘Drive less, live more’ resource, which can be used to prompt a discussion about the importance of driving less. It can be used by anyone who works with drivers, as well as families. It can be viewed at