‘Pick up’ some fire safety advice on the buses!

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service branded buses

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) is delivering safety messages with the help of First buses!

A range of hard-hitting graphics and slogans promoting safety whilst cooking and driving have been emblazoned across buses which serve areas of Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.

One of the buses also promotes our Take Extra Care campaign and we hope the watchwords, Safeguard You, Your Family and Your Home, are ones people will take note of, especially over the winter and Christmas season when we can see a rise in incidents.

The buses also tell people how to request a Free Home Fire Safety Check if they have any concerns.

Assistant District Commander for Leeds, Chris Bates, who is the firefighter pictured with the buses, said: “The images on the buses are very striking and we hope they have a real impact.” 

Area Manager for Fire Safety, Ian Bitcon, added: “We have chosen the specific routes due to the level of coverage that they offer and they operate on routes that cross some of the higher risk areas of West Yorkshire.

“The individual images were selected so that they would either be a general safety message where that was appropriate or in order to target a particular behaviour, so the road traffic collision advert is being used in an area where evidence shows that this is a particular problem.”

Gerard North, Behavioural Insight Manager for Exterion Media who organised the artwork, said: “We are very proud to work alongside West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue in delivering these very important safety message to people across the local area.

“We all realise the devastation a fire can have on people, their lives and their properties so anything that can remind people about the danger of leaving cooking unattended even for a few minutes is really important. Putting these messages on local buses means these messages are getting right into the heart of local communities all day every day.”