Eleven year old pupil leads the charge for road safety in Bradford!

Eleven-year-old Isabelle Suddick from All Saints’ CE Primary School, in Bradford, has taken a stand against parents parking irresponsibly around the school and putting children’s lives at risk.  

Isabelle said the attitude of parents parking up on the pavement or on double yellow lines along the one way street, Little Horton Green, has left her so “upset” so she has written to Bradford Council Road Safety Team.

She is also concerned that parents blocking the road could obstruct fire engines from getting through to an emergency.

Her rally call coincides with national Road Safety Week (17 to 23 November) when the emergency services join together with partner agencies to drive home the importance of taking care on the roads.

The theme for this year’s Road Safety Week, which is co-ordinated by charity Brake, is ‘Look out for each other’, because being selfish can easily lead to tragedy.

The message is certainly one that Isabelle agrees with.

The Year 6 pupil said: “It’s really busy round school in the morning.

“It’s dangerous for the children. The drivers should be more responsible and careful. If they don’t, in the long run somebody could get hurt. 

“The fire engine needs to be able to get through if there’s an emergency. The cars should move out of the way but they seem not to. The cars park on both sides and on yellow lines. It makes me feel a little bit upset.”

Headteacher, John Davie, said they have over 600 pupils at the school, which is split over two sites on either side of the road, so making sure the school children are road safety aware is very important.

He said:  “I’m really impressed with the initiative that Isabelle has taken and it has completely come from her.

“This is the third school in West Yorkshire I have worked at and every single school has exactly the same issue and it’s just about parents having that little bit of thought, considering how they park and get to school.” 

Bradford Council Road Safety Assistant, Janet Firth, added: “I think Isabelle’s letter is brilliant. The initiative that she has used is brilliant and it’s reinforcing the sort of thing that we are telling parents and children every day.

“We give out School Gate Parking leaflets and we can give people information but it’s down to adults – it’s parental responsibility.

“For Road Safety Week our message is show a bit of consideration, think about what you are doing and teach your children to cross roads properly.”

PC Craig Blake, from West Yorkshire Police’s Road Traffic Team, said that anyone found to be obstructing a road with their vehicle can be fined £30 and if you leave a vehicle in a dangerous position you can receive a £100 fine and three penalty points.

He added: “Obstructing a footpath or a road is an offence and puts other road users at risk as well as preventing access for emergency vehicles.”

Thomas Rhodes, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service District Prevention Manager for Bradford, said: “In the fire service we attend hundreds of road traffic collisions every year, some with devastating consequences.

“Turning the clock back is impossible but taking simple steps to prevent an accident happening in the first place is. So please let Road Safety Week be your reminder to think twice and take extra care behind the wheel.”