Basement fire in Bradford sparks safety warnings

Fire crews have emphasised the importance of having working smoke alarms following a house fire in Manningham on Tuesday (27.05.14).

In total 10 people self-rescued (before the arrival of firefighters) from a terraced property in Westfield Road, which was left badly damaged by the blaze.  

Five fire engines were mobilised following a call shortly after 0600 hrs. It’s believed the cause of the fire was accidental due to misusing an outside halogen floodlight inside the basement.

Station Commander for Keighley, Silsden and Haworth Mark Helliwell, said: “The resulting blaze caused 100% fire damage to the basement and 30% to a living room area above.

“Six adults and four children all got out and have had a lucky escape. There were signs that they had had some fire detection but had taken it down or it was not working.”

Smoke from the fire also spread to more than six adjoining properties which led to a brief evacuation.

As a result of this incident Firefighters have been knocking door-to-door in the local area to promote home fire safety advice and the vital importance of having a working smoke alarm.

Also follow our top tips for preventing electrical fires:

  • Don’t overload sockets
  • Switch off and unplug appliances when not in use
  • Always use the correct appliance for the correct purpose
  • When using halogen lighting ensure no combustibles are nearby

To book a free Home Fire Safety Check visit, call 0800 587 4536, or pop into your nearest fire station.