Independent Person

The Localism Act 2011 repealed the mandatory requirement to maintain a Standards Committee with effect from 1st July 2012. The Act introduced a new procedure for dealing with the investigation of complaints against Members of the Authority and one requirement of that procedure was that an Independent Person be appointed.

The Authority’s Code of Conduct complaints procedure includes provision for the Independent Person to be consulted only when the Complaints Sub-committee has decided to investigate a complaint and before a final decision has been taken on any allegation of misconduct. The Independent Person does not enter into any communication with a complainant and will not be consulted should the Authority’s Monitoring Officer decide at the initial sift process that the matter does not fall within the Code of Conduct.

This position was the subject of a public advertisement in April 2012. Mr Wilkinson was the sole applicant for appointment and, in view of his significant experience in Standards matters here and elsewhere, he was recommended for appointment by the Executive Committee.

Mr Wilkinson’s term of office will expire at midnight on 30 June 2017.