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This page contains advice on aspects of fire safety in your home.

Cooker with chip pan ignited on top

This page contains advice on aspects of fire safety in your home.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

In West Yorkshire, 29% of smoke alarms fail to operate, mostly because of missing or flat batteries. Test the batteries in your smoke alarm every week, it could save your life.

Advice Leaflets

The link below will take you to the fire safety leaflet section.

Safety Leaflets



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Fire Alarms

Domestic Fire Alarms Advice here covers fire alarms in homes (private dwellings) not for commercial gain.  Below we provide links to nationally available advice leaflets which should answer most q...

Member of staff testing a fire alarm by depressing the button

Home Fire Safety Checks

To request a Home Fire Safety Check please use the online request form. Request a Home Fire Safety Check What is a Home Fire Safety Check? Firefighters now spend much of their time visiting peop...

Rented Homes

IntroductionThe following information may be of use if you are a landlord or tenant of residential rented property.The Housing Act 2004 governs housing conditions and standards in rented property. ...

Socket Overload Calculator

Most people have extension leads in their homes, using 4-way bar adaptors to increase the number of appliances that they can plug into a wall socket. However, although there is space to plug in fo...