Pipe Band

History of the Band

The Band was formed in the 1960’s along with the Military Band by an Officer in the West Yorkshire Fire Service who subsequently became the Chief Officer of the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service as it is now known. Both Bands developed steadily over the years and throughout the eighties and nineties the Pipe Band was playing all over West Yorkshire and taking part in competitions.

The Band receives the full support of the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Firefighters and non-uniformed personnel in the Fire Service are very welcome to join the Band – but equally, members who are nothing to do with the Fire Service are just as welcome to join.

The Band plays in “day-wear” and full dress. The tartan worn is Ancient Ramsay.

The Band normally practises on Monday evenings, between 7.30pm and 10.00pm in the Training Room at the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre at Oakroyd Hall, Birkenshaw. The Training Room is located at the side of the garage overlooking the parade ground.


Officers of the Band

Pipe Major:
Nathan Yuill

email: nathanyuill98@gmail.com

Entertainment Officer:
Kieran Gale
Tel: 0161 6848597 / 07966 500435
email: piperkieran@fsmail.net



The band offers a selection of well known popular tunes to help your event be spectacular. A programme can be offered as a package or tailored to individual needs. The band can lead a parade or perform as a static display.


Plan for the future of the Band

The plan for the Band is threefold:

    1. To continue to provide help, encouragement and tuition to all members in order to advance the standard of the Band’s music at all levels.
    2. To recruit more players, both Pipers and Drummers. Experienced players would be very welcome – but the Band will welcome newcomers of either sex who cannot play the instrument of their choice but are prepared to learn. The Band will teach them. Potential players should not therefore be put off if they are prepared to put the work in. Learning to play the pipes of Drums properly requires hard work and much practice but the rewards are immense – not just for the individuals but for the Band and the Fire Service and general public who watch and listen to us.
    3. To re-establish the West Yorkshire Fire Service Pipe Band in the area.


Further Information

Please feel free to contact the Pipe Major for any further information.