What Does The Service Cost?

In common with other public services, the fire service is facing major cuts in funding over the next four years which will result in major changes in the way the service is provided. It is likely therefore, that the cost of the service will reduce significantly over the period covered by the service plan.

The tables below highlight the current costs for providing the service and where that money comes from.


Current Budget 2017/18

Item Cost
Service Support 24.812
Service Delivery 52.013
Legal, Governance and Finance 1.960
Contingency for pay and inflation 0.864
Totals 79.649



How is the Service paid for?

Source of Funding Amount
Grants from central government 32.536
Council tax precept 38.773
Local business rates 7.387
Revenue Balances 0.953
Totals  79.649


Cost of the fire service to a council tax band D household in West Yorkshire is £60.90 per year.